About Us


Sturdy Transportation Services is owned by Rhonika Daisy Whitener. Rhonika has experience in security, home care, warehousing, food industry, child development, child care services, and most of all Transportation and Delivery.

Rhonika has over 12 years of experience in the delivery & transportation world.

She has tackled


Medical Equipment

Blood & Samples

USPS Postal Mail


Phone Books

Home Deliveries (Appliances)


Auto Equipment

Amazon Packages

Gig Deliveries

Transported and Cared For Seniors, Children & The General Public

Rhonika is familiar and has lived in DC, MD, VA & DE.

Company Facts

Sturdy Transportation Services was founded in Elkton, Maryland. Sturdy Transportation Services covers DC, MD, VA, DE, PA & NJ., at this present time 2021. Sturdy Transportation was founded in September of 2020. Sturdy Transportation Services is a black owned transportation company that strives to cover all of the basics. Our goal is to offer same day delivery for our communities and businesses. Ride services with comfortability, we match you with 2 drivers that are set to your account when you use our services. Say goodbye to strangers & long waits. Although we are still in the beginning stages we have aspirations to cover all 50 states in various aspects.

Delivery Facts

Sturdy Transportation Services Transports Goods For Businesses & Customers From Point A To Point B. We Will Deliver Practically Anything Thats Legal To Transport. As Long As The Vehicle Size Is Available You Are Able To Schedule Service.

Ride Facts

Sturdy Transportation Services Transports Passengers From Point A To B. Our Ride Services Are Scheduled Out Next Day To 30 Days In Advance. The Earlier You Schedule The Better. Our Weekday Schedule Is Predominantly Full During 6:30 AM & 4:00 PM. Passengers Are Able To Call And See If We Have Same Day Openings Because Occasionally We Can Fit Riders In.